Machine learning, “big data”, and “data science” are all the rage because information is currency in an information economy. In an era where more data is being collected and more questions are being asked, the latest arrow in the data analysis quiver goes under the deceptively simple name of Machine Learning. However, getting started with Machine Learning could be enervating and finding the right algorithm or technique could be deceptive.

A couple of days ago, I downloaded a Mindmap from Machine Learning Mastery. I’m sharing the mindmap here for my personal review and also for others interested in Machine Learning. Please check out the excellent posts from Machine Learning Mastery and subscribe to the blog. Without further ado, here’s the mind map:

Machine Learning Algorithms Mindmap

There are other mind maps out there, some more exhaustive and some less so. I, however, found this mindmap sufficient for my axioms and feel that this should give you a baseline to choose the right machine learning algorithm for your requirements.